Cognitive Behavioural Coaching - Dorothy Spry

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching - Dorothy Spry
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Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC) takes coaching a stage further. It recognizes that how people think affects how they feel which, in turn, influences the decisions and actions they take. Through a systematic process of questioning, CBC challenges an individual's limiting beliefs and behaviors and helps them to see and act differently. The Cognitive Behavioural Coaching Pocketbook uses a simple 5-step model to explain in clear, practical terms how coaches, L&D staff and managers can use CBC for the benefit of both the individual and the organization

Počet stran: 112

Autor: Dorothy Spry

Rok vydání: 2010

Nakladatelství: Management Pocketbooks

EAN: 9781906610173

ISBN: 978-1-906610-17-3

Kód Kód: 15759
Kategorie: knihy
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