Emotional Discipline - Charles C. Manz

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This realistic guide to living and working with a sense of pleasure and empowerment stresses taking responsibility for feelings, doing things now that will fill an emotional reservoir for later use, reacting to emotionally challenging situations in balanced ways, and making choices to effectively deal with challenges as they arise. A five-step Emotional Discipline process helps readers identify the cause of emotional upset; focus on their body to analyze what they are feeling; focus on their mind, identifying thoughts and the beliefs that are driving them; and choose and apply an emotional discipline strategy. The book's 25 tactics reinforce the concept that a satisfying, energetic life depends on being able to make emotional choices.

Počet stran: 240

Autor: Charles C. Manz

Rok vydání: 2003

Nakladatelství: Berret Koehler

EAN: 9781576752302

ISBN: 978-1-57675-230-2

Kód Kód: 19244
Kategorie: knihy
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