Maximum Success with LinkedIn - Dan Sherman

Maximum Success with LinkedIn - Dan Sherman
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Leverage the power of the world's largest professional network for all your business purposes

Maximum Success with LinkedIn revolutionizes the way busy professionals use LinkedIn. It isn’t just about professional networking and job-seeking; it’s a step-by-step guide to answering any professional challenge by harnessing the potential of LinkedIn. It explains how to use LinkedIn to:

  • Find customers, partners, investors, or advisors
  • Hire qualified employees
  • Build a personal brand to draw customers and recruiters
  • Attract opportunities for more work, media exposure, lucrative partnerships
  • Increase your network with thousands of contacts with one simple technique
  • Find and land the perfect job
  • Develop business relationships

The book includes access to online resources for regular updates.

Dan Sherman is a full-time LinkedIn consultant, trainer, and speaker, who works with companies and individuals to help them maximize the potential of the world’s largest professional network. He has more than twenty years of corporate marketing management experience at successful firms, ranging from Silicon Valley Internet startups to Fortune 500 companies.

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Počet stran: 272

Autor: Dan Sherman

Rok vydání: 2012

Nakladatelství: McGraw-Hill


EAN: 9780071812337

ISBN: 978-0-07-181233-7

Kód Kód: 18752
Kategorie: knihy
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