Toyota Under Fire - Jeffrey K. Liker

Toyota Under Fire - Jeffrey K. Liker
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Toyota Under Fire, 2011 Shingo Prize Winner, takes you beyond the headlines and into the offices and factories of Toyota to reveal the truth behind the company's highly publicized and controversial recall of over 10 million vehicles. Jeffrey Liker, the world's leading expert on Toyota processes and culture, was granted unprecedented access to the company's systems and people. The end result is the most comprehensive account available of what really precipitated the crisis, and how Toyota management met the ensuing challenges to come out stronger-lessons that can be applied to any management crisis in any industry.

Počet stran: 237

Autor: Jeffrey K. Liker

Rok vydání: 2011

Nakladatelství: MCGRAW-HILL Professional

EAN: 9780071762991

ISBN: 978-0071762991

Kód Kód: 21135
Kategorie: knihy
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